gondolas covered in snow

Gondolas covered in snow

tourist guide Susanne Kunz

Tourist guide Susanne Kunz

 Doge foscari kneels before the lion

Doge Foscari kneels before the lion


Guided tours and sightseeing in Venice
with a professional licensed tourist guide


The tourist guide Susanne Kunz-Saponaro offers guided tours and visits to the sights in Venice. The program of guided tours is very varied and leads the visitor to the most famous monuments in Venice: Doge's Palace (with "Secret Paths"), St. Mark's Church and the Rialto area. There are also guided tours of the most important museums in Venice (Academy, Ca´d´Oro, Ca´Rezzonico, Ca´Pesaro; Peggy Guggenheim, Punta della Dogana, Architecture Biennale, Art Biennale), the most beautiful churches and the most impressive palaces. Special tours on a literary background follow the traces of Lord Byron, Henry James, Donna Leon ... in the lagoon city. For music lovers there are tours of music in Venice, for architects there are tours of new and old architecture in the city.

The tours are in English and are aimed at private guests and Venice tour operators. The tours are always tailored to the interests of the guests: introductions for a first visit to the city, expert tours for experts of all stripes, family tours for families with children, school tours for school groups ... Tips and information about Venice are of course included. It goes without saying that you don't have to wait in line with an authorized city guide.

All tours and visits at a glance can be found here.



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