Tourist guide with Corto Maltese and a customer ...

Guide with C. Maltese and a customer ...

Blooming wisteria in a garden

Blooming wisteria in a venetian garden

 Doge's Palace, oldest "document"

Doge's Palace, oldest "document" in stone


Suggestions for Venice tours and sightseeing
with a professional licensed tourist guide


Every visitor to Venice experiences the city in a different way. That is why we offer  the visitor a selection of aspects, depending on personal preferences and   based on the "building block" principle. On this basis, we will create a personalized, attractive and informative  tour of Venice, according to individual wishes, which can take the visitor to the most important sights in Venice or to the quiet, secret corners of the lagoon city. Alternatively, on request, we develop programs as introductions, specializations, etc., entirely based on clients' interests.

Our tours are based on the principles of sustainable tourism. As locals, we know that tourism can also be problematic for the places visited . We counteract this  by a wide variety of ways to adequately experience this city, which is unique in the world.
Our tours are in German, English and Italian and are always private , i.e. you book us exclusively for yourself and your companion(s)/travel party.

Our tours can take place together with the Venice visitor in real time, or they can be conducted as an individual virtual tour in live stream or by video conference, with  the visitor located  anywhere in the world.


Secular Venice: palaces and museums

  1. Highlights of Venice
  2. Doge's Palace: the "Serenissima" - its government and its history
  3. St. Mark's Square: the political and religious center of Venice
  4. Rialto: the economic center of Venice
  5. Grand Canal
  6. Venetian palaces
  7. Scuole: the Venetian  guilds, artisans etc associations and their meeting houses
  8. Correr Museum: exciting excursion into the city's history
  9. Academy: Venetian painting from the 14th to the 18th century
  10. Peggy Guggenheim and Venice
  11. Venice and the sea
  12. Venice and modern art
  13. Museums in Venice, Museum Pass

Sacred Venice: the churches

  1. The State Church: San Marco - Saint Marc
  2. The bishop's church: San Pietro di Castello
  3. Other major  churches: San Giovanni e Paolo (Zanipolo), Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frati (Frari) and Santo Stefano
  4. Venice and Palladio: a complicated relationship


Focus "Six Districts" - the 6 "sestieri" of Venice

  1. Cannaregio - the greenest district
  2. Castello - the district of the workers
  3. San Marco - the political, religious and economic center
  4. Santa Croce - the center of Venetian monasteries
  5. San Polo - the smallest and most elite of the six districts
  6. Dorsoduro - the "Sestiere" of artists and small art galleries


Special tours

  1. Art in Venice: architecture, sculpture, painting
  2. On the trail of the Austrians in Venice
  3. Arsenal - the shipyard of the Republic
  4. Art Biennale 2022- Architecture Biennale 2021
  5. Boat trip through Venice and the lagoon
  6. Comissario Brunetti in Venice
  7. Chiesetta and the Doge's treasures in the Doge's Palace
  8. The pleasures of local finger food: Cichetti
  9. Carnival
  10. Christmas in Venice: Nativity scenes in Venetian churches
  11. Current exhibitions
  12. Everyday life in remote Venice
  13. Tours for families with children
  14. Gran Teatro - La Fenice opera house
  15. Gardens in Venice - the secret green of the stone city
  16. Venice from the gondola
  17. Venetian handicrafts: gondola, forcola, masks, puppets, fabrics, costumes, shoes, glass
  18. Protestants, Catholics and Inquisition
  19. LAGOON ISLANDS: Murano, Burano, Mazzorbo, Torcello, San Francesco del Deserto, San Giorgio Maggiore
  20. Literature in and about Venice
  21. Music
  22. Venice at night
  23. Oddities - also scary
  24. Perfume
  25. Photo shooting with a professional
  26. Black death in Venice: the plague
  27. Prostitution in medieval Venice
  28. Over the roofs of Venice
  29. Carlo Scarpa in Venice
  30. Secret Paths of the Doge's Palace
  31. School groups
  32. The talking stones of Venice
  33. Templars and Freemasons in the lagoon
  34. Experience Venice in a wheelchair